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Introducing a new online course: Writing Revenue: How to Write Well Enough to Get Paid For it

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Everyone knows they need a blog to create content to get their message out there. 

The problem is they create content that isn't interesting--it doesn't intrigue people to come back for more--it's not effective. The results are poor. Forgettable.

At least you have a blog, you say. Thing is, you're doing it wrong.

Good job keeping your blog updated, if you really are. Too bad no one sees it. Are you sure you're not wasting your time?

Content for the sake of having it accomplishes nothing.

I want to teach you everything I know about how to write in a way that helps, teaches, inspires, and entertains your audience and actually grows your business.

I'm the founding editor of Entrepreneur’s Handbook.

I'm a columnist for Inc. Magazine.

I'm the author of Runaway Millionaire.

I'm the co-creator of Party Qs app.

Every three months, I move to a new city in the United States with my wife and two cats, Emma and Calvin. They're cute.

I love coffee, rock climbing, and great questions alongside cold brews.

Before I die, I hope to step foot on the red soil of Mars.

First. I'm Dave Schools.

I write for big publications, blah blah

I have a top publication on Medium yada yada



As a top writer in Business and Productivity, I write about startups, entrepreneurship, design, and tech. With founder stories and how-to articles, the publication's bi-monthly newsletter reaches over 32k inboxes.

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With over 60 million users, Medium is the number one place for reading and writing about ideas on the web. Founded by Ev Williams, this platform is redefining how the world creates and consumes content.

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Don't look at my frumpy sweater.

Kind people have said nice things about my writing

Madalina Becker

Freelance Content Curator

"Dave, I love your unadorned, crisp and pointy style, and I can’t wait to read your book. It’s been a real joy to read your text."

Michael Lastoria

CEO, &pizza

"Dave is an ambitious writer. He understood the &pizza brand and told its story with honesty, creativity, and passion."

Alma Hoffmann

Editor, Smashing Magazine

"Dave is a great writer!"

Jeff Rainey

Director of Web Technologies, Intellithought

"Dave is a fantastic writer. I loved his approach to learn about our company and find relevant ideas for our brand."

Alex Nicholson

Founder, Mariner Exchange

"Dave is not only a talented writer, but the article he wrote on us greatly helped grow awareness of our product."

Betsy Teubl

Customer Success Analyst, Xceede Solutions

"Woah. Just wow. Great storytelling."


Founder, Carrd and Pixelarity

"Dave asks great questions and really got me to reflect on how I got from where I was to where I am."

Shall we tweet?

This course will change everything you know about writing.

Especially what you learned in school.

What you'll learn


My formulas for writing $500 blog posts, case studies, and social copy that earn revenue.


How to get published in the big publications, and where to get extra eyeballs on your content after it's published


The tools and processes for writing A LOT (i.e., write a book while keeping your blog content fresh)


Tips and lessons about the style and hustle behind establishing your voice in today's crowded web

Good writing should get results



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Writing Revenue: How to Write Well Enough to Get Paid For It

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